Paper Money of Argentina 1816-1899: A window to History

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The Paper Money of Argentina

A window to History: 1816-1899

by Robert J. Bauman


Full Color Illustrations of banknotes and prices in US dollars suggested according to condition and rarity

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Author's comments on his book

"Many of the notes illustrated in the catalog are from my personal collection. This was the result of a job change in 1980 when I joined an international petrochemical consulting company and made my frist trip to Buenos Aires. By chance I was walking on Lavalle and saw an arcade tha had a number of coin and paper money dealers. That started my collection of the paper money of Argentina. I continued to make two or three trips per year to Buenos aires and managed to increase my collection with each trip. This became a passion. Along the way I made another important acquisition - my wife, who was born in Buenos Aires and had moved to the United States with her family when se hwas in her teens. I now had family in Argentina.

As my passion for collecting banknotes from Argentina increased it became known by all of the major paper money dealers globally many of whom would contact me when they had better older notes. The highlight of this was when I received a call from a dealer asking if I was interested in acquiring the original book from the Bradbury, Wilkinson archive that had an almost complete set of proof and specimens from the Bancos Garantidos system including almost all of the banknotes that had been destroyed when it was decided to not allow private banks to issue banknotes. some were the only known examples of these notes. Neddeless to say i bought the book.

As my collection increased I extended it with fiscally related items such as advertising notes, patterns, selected stocks and bonds and other items which are included in the appendix. I also realized that i could not understand and appreciate the multiple issues and denominations of paper money without understanding the reasons for them which is directly related to the history of the country. This included the history of the banks and the identification of the people whose protraits were on the notes. Thus began my journey into the history of the country. 

A few years ago I made a decision that I wanted to share my passion for collecting and decided on this catalog. When I told this to a number of dealers and collectors they were supportive and allowed me to make copies of their collections - as did some of the museums. The contributors to the catalog are listed in the acknowledgement section. When I mentioned my idea for a catalog to my good friend Arnoldo Efron, he allowed me to use his software. He publishes a fantastic book identifying all the current paper money in circulation or is still redeemable, "MRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency". He is very knowledgeable in this area. His cousin was Coco Derman, who helped me immensely in my collecting and to whom this catalog is dedicated,

So what started out as a standard catalog of the paper money of Argentina became a combination of a  catalog and history book with the eclectic addition of the other paper collectibles related to the financial development of the country. It is my hope that his catalog will not only provide a guide for existing collectors but that it will stimulate others to collect the paper money of Argentina and begin their jouney into the history of the country. I hope you enjoy this catalog an that it is also a learning experience."