ARG Collectibles, also referred to as CenterCards or NumismatiCenter, was founded in 1997 as a small stand in Rivadavia Park, in the city of Buenos Aires. On Sundays, it was run by its founder and current owner, Ezequiel Pailos.

Two years later, it was inaugurated in its first commercial center on Maipú Street, where it was open to the public without interruption for two years, evolving its sales strategy to internet due to the technological advancements of the time and mantaining its attention to the public on Sundays, in its usual place at Rivadavia Park. In 2001, due to the economic crisis suffered by the country, ARG Collectibles closed its doors to the public.

In 2006 a new local was reinaugurated in the neighborhood of Villa del Parque in the city of Buenos Aires, on Marcos Sastre Street, until 2009, in which, for commercial reasons, the business was moved to its present day location on Rivadavia Street, continuing with its online sales strategy, using Ebay and MercadoLibre as platforms, putting an end to the Sunday events at the park in 2010.

Since 2003 we have been participating in different numismatic and collectibles events around the world. We are habitual participants of fairs like the Veronafil in Italy, the Numismata Fair in Germany, as well as others of equal importance in Brazil, Spain, Austria, Mexico and The Netherlands, generating, in this manner, not only important commercial contacts in other continents, but also giving us the ability to offer items of interesting value not only for the amateur collectionist, but also for the specialized one.

Additionally, we plan business trips every year to gather materials of difficult finding all over the world, specializing in Latin America, particularly in Cuba.

Today we are a small firm comprised of 4 people in charge of Customer Service (national and international), stock preparation, information updating and other minor commercial and administrative responsibilities, with the hope that our clients can feel that they are the number one priority in our business. We know from experience that success does not depend just on good customer service, but also on offers of new and interesting items, which is why we always encourage our clients to let us know what is missing in their collection, so we can help to complete it.

We are always open to suggestions and comments.

You can visit us in our Stores too:

NumismatiCenter Store at Ebay

CenterCards EShop in MercadoLibre Argentina

CenterCards EShop at MercadoLibre Mexico

Or personally in our Office.

Greetings from  the team at ARG Collectibles


Images of Our Offices

ArgCollectibles - Fotos de Nuestras Oficinas
ArgCollectibles - Fotos de Nuestras Oficinas ArgCollectibles - Fotos de Nuestras Oficinas